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Ins and outs of spring grooming

March 16, 2018

Spring grooming is great for any dog. Over the winter months, many dogs grow a heavier coat to protect them during the colder temperatures and less than desirable weather. That means that when the weather changes, dog hair will be everywhere as your dog begins to shed this extra layer. Thick coats can become matted…


5 tips for getting your dog ready for spring

March 9, 2018

Spring is almost here! It’s time to start getting your dogs ready for the change of the season and protect them from the quickly changing forecasts springtime has to offer. Your dog can quickly adapt to different climates, but it’s essential to take additional steps for a more relaxed seasonal transition. Fight the increased number…

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The challenges of grooming a small dog

March 2, 2018

Grooming a small dog can be a challenge. Even the smallest of dogs can come with the biggest personality. Like any dog, they may dance around, pull, growl, or even bite when faced with a grooming situation. With their small stature, they can be more sensitive and delicate and handling can be challenging. We’re ready…

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Grooming senior dogs

February 23, 2018

Getting your senior dog groomed can be a difficult task. Older dogs can be more sensitive to certain parts of the grooming process. If you think your dog may struggle with some of the necessary steps of going to a groomer, HydroDog Mobile Dog Grooming may be the solution for you! One of the most…


A meaningful journey begins with HydroDog

February 22, 2018

In January of 2011, my wife Tracie and I decided to get a dog. We knew we wanted to adopt, and a quick online search found us, Hardy. I drove 90-minutes to what could generously be called a ‘puppy farm’ to get him, and conditions were atrocious. Although he wasn’t technically a rescue, after seeing…

The February 2018 Leg of the Bathe To Save Tour

The February 2018 Leg of the Bathe To Save Tour

January 31, 2018

We are setting out again to continue our crusade through the United States to support local dog rescue shelters, and this time we are meeting with socially conscious entrepreneurs to set up full-time, year-round HydroDog grooming & bathing Franchises that will also continue the Bathe To Save legacy with recurring public dog-washing events! In the…

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States the Bathe To Save Tour will be visiting in 2018

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! We’re beginning to plan out our 2018 Bathe To Save event schedule, so we thought it would be a good idea to give you a heads-up regarding which states we’ll be visiting this year… In no particular order, Bathe To Save will be holding Dog-Washing Events to support shelters in the following…


HydroDog & Bubbles The Big Blue Dog Present a Big Check to NEMO – The Northeast Missouri Humane Society in Hannibal, Missouri

October 6, 2017

Bubbles The Big Blue Dog was on hand along with The Amos Family to present a big check to NEMO – the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. NEMO and The Bathe To Save Tour thank everyone who came out to get their dogs washed and support this great cause, and we look forward to HydroDog’s continued…


Over 40 State Line Crossings by HydroDog – Photos at State Lines

September 10, 2017

The Bathe To Save Tour is well on its way toward visiting and holding public dog washing events in every state in the USA, and The Amos Family is taking photos when crossing state lines! We have assembled these photos into a video so you can fast-forward through the tour along with the family… Of…


Watch Our Music Video for “The Dogs of America” and Buy on iTunes

July 12, 2017

Watch Our Music Video for “The Dogs of America” – and Download the Song on iTunes to Support the Bathe To Save Tour! Buy “The Dogs of America” » Money from downloads of the song helps to support The Bathe To Save Tour, supporting shelters nationwide.