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HydroDog Teska is ready to bathe dogs

April 26, 2018

Spring is here and HydroDog Teska is ready to bathe your dogs! Our mobile grooming services are in the Southwick, Westfield, West Springfield, Russell, Montgomery, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, and Agawam areas in Massachusetts. If it’s time for spring grooming at your home we can help. Over the winter most dogs grow a heavier coat for…

HydroDog Teska helping shelter dogs-HydroDog

HydroDog Teska helping shelter dogs

April 17, 2018

Shelter dogs and the shelters themselves need our help, as money is always an issue – but the Teska HydroDog in West Springfield, MA is organizing benefit events with Dakin Humane Society and other area shelters – and you can help! Choosing to adopt a shelter dog is a selfless act. A lot of the…


Taking extra precaution while grooming your dog

April 17, 2018

With the recent news about dogs not being treated with the utmost care while getting groomed, everyone at HydroDog is trying to flip the script and show you the extra precaution we take to ensure your dog’s happiness and well-being. Keep reading to find out only 3 of the steps we take with every dog…

Teska-West Springfield, MA-HydroDog

HydroDog Teska’s competitive advantage

April 13, 2018

The HydroDog Teska franchise is the first HydroDog franchise of its kind in the United States and we’re eager to begin serving pups in the Southwick, Westfield, West Springfield, Russell, Montgomery, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, and Agawam areas in Massachusetts. We have a competitive advantage of superior grooming, convenience, and social awareness that sets us leagues…

HydroDog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Services

Advantages of mobile grooming

April 12, 2018

No separation anxiety or cages Some pets experience separation anxiety when you leave them at the groomer. A groomer can often keep your pet away from home for several hours for the appointment. This means your dog is alone in a cage while waiting and that can put stress on them. By the end of…

Blue Wheelers Australia-HydroDog

A history of the HydroDog franchise

April 6, 2018

Businesses evolve over the years; you must make changes to grow. HydroDog continues to grow, but we don’t want to discredit our past. We have developed a lot over the last couple of years. We started out in Australia and have made our way all the way over into the United States. Our journey began…


Launch Event Recap – West Springfield, Massachusetts at Dakin Humane Society

March 31, 2018

HydroDog West Springfield’s first benefit event for Dakin Humane Society was a great success!  Many dogs were washed, as their owners braved the cool late winter weather to support the great cause of raising money for shelter dogs!    All money raised through dog washing donations at the event will be provided to Dakin Humane Society.  More…


Battling fleas and ticks

March 30, 2018

Have you noticed your dog scratching or licking itself more frequently, especially in the armpits or around the groin? Fleas and ticks could be the cause. As temperatures outside rise during the spring, fleas and ticks become more active. They burrow through a dog’s fur down to the skin, where they hide while biting and…


How frequently should you groom your dog?

March 23, 2018

Adding a furry friend to your family can create a lot of increased responsibility to your everyday schedule, along with a lot more love and companionship. Some of your additional responsibilities when adopting a dog is regular walks to keep your dog happy and healthy, vet visits, and making sure your dog is groomed as…

Jody-West Springfield, MA-HydroDog

HydroDog introduces Jody Maple as Groomer of HydroDog West Springfield, Massachusetts

March 17, 2018

HydroDog is proud to introduce its first franchisee in America: Jody Maple of West Springfield, Massachusetts.    The “Teska” HydroDog Franchise of West Springfield, Massachusetts has deep roots in the animal rescue community.  The HydroDog West Springfield Dog Groomer Jody and his wife Lesley have many contacts in the community pertaining to their involvement with Dakin Humane Society, other area shelters and rescues, and related organizations.  They are…