Five ways to help shelter dogs right now

You may have heard that helping shelter dogs is a passion of both HydroDog and Bathe To Save. If you share in this passion and can’t adopt them all, we just want to let you know that there are things you can do to help these dogs live better lives and strengthen their chance of adoption.

Donate money.

Shelters need money to run and more often than not, they are solely funded by donations. Every little bit counts. A simple donation of $15 could fund a flea treatment or $150 could fund a spay or neuter surgery. Funds are necessary for food and medical care and daily operations would cease if the money stopped coming in.

Donate supplies.

Shelters need more than dog food, treats, and toys to continue providing their services. The facilities need things like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, office supplies, crates, blankets, and much more. If you have items like these lying around your house, or have the money to pick some up, they will be just as appreciated as a monetary donation.

Help with training.

If you can’t adopt, but still want to spend time with dogs at the shelter, offer to help with training needs. Often shelters will train you to help in these cases. Giving dogs the basic skills such as sit, stay, and roll over can really help with adoptability. The dogs will develop better behavior and people looking to adopt will certainly see that the dog has a good foundation for a successful adoption.

Help with grooming.

Shelter dogs need to be washed, too. They often come in off the streets looking dingy and matted and grooming can take time. Shelters are always looking for volunteers to help with grooming to ensure the pet is ready to be adopted. Dogs need to be brushed for a couple hours every week, too, so there is always a way to help.

Donate your services.

If you are a lawyer, a metal worker, a graphic designer, or another type of professional, consider donating your services to the shelter. Speak with the shelter organizers or the board of directors about your talents. Shelter organizations often need legal help, welding, artistic design services, and more from members of the community.  Think about your unique skill set and how it might be of use.

Unfortunately, as individuals, we cannot personally adopt every shelter dog. There are other ways we can lend a hand. Above all, it is important to communicate with a shelter organization near you to see what their actual needs are and see how you can help. Best wishes to you and your big heart!

Anthony Amos

Founder at HydroDog
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