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HydroDog is a mobile dog-grooming service that drives right to customers' homes. Our company was founded on a culture of canine compassion that has grown into an international legacy. Founder Anthony Amos chose to follow up the massive success of the franchise in Australia with an extended U.S. tour – with his whole family – to promote dog rescue and adoption and to benefit local shelters, all while introducing the HydroDog concept through festive public dog-washing events that draw the community together wherever they go. The Bathe to Save Tour has resulted in many clean and happy dogs. Our growing U.S. franchises are extending these good works through local philanthropic public dog-washing events – in addition to our mobile grooming services.

Anthony Amos started his career playing professional rugby straight out of high school in Australia. While playing football Anthony decided to use his down time to start his own business, so at 21 he founded HydroDog – a mobile dog grooming service. His prototype grooming salon consisted of a secondhand hydro-bath (special dog bath) strapped on to the back of a box trailer! He put an ad in the local newspaper, rented a mobile phone, and he was on his way!

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About HydroDog Mobile Dog-Grooming Services


HydroDog took off! One trailer turned into two, and two into seven... Anthony & his brother each had a mobile dog washing round, and they had five employees. However, they discovered that employees didn’t have the same drive or passion to battle the elements and meet the high demand the business was now experiencing. This forced Anthony to change course and adopt a new model: he chose to franchise the business, and he directed his focus to selling franchises in his home state of Queensland.

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Within four years HydroDog had grown to over 100 franchises in every single state & territory across Australia. It was the first franchise of its kind to be in every state and territory of Australia. After the 100th franchise milestone was reached, HydroDog implemented a Master Franchise model taking the franchise system to the next level. All states and territories in Australia were sold within an 18 month period and grew to nearly 200 franchises in half the time it took to get to 100.

About HydroDog


Anthony revolutionized the dog grooming industry by inventing, designing and fabricating a fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog. To this day, after 14 years, there is no other product like it in the market place. HydroDog grew to become the largest franchise of its kind in the world, and Anthony was receiving more than 9,000 new calls per month with revenue of 10 million annually.