About Hydrodog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Services

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Will I have help and support with my new HydroDog franchise?

HydroDog Franchisees enjoy 5 Pillars of Support:

  1. Grooming & handling training and support from Nash Academy
  2. Digital & traditional marketing support from HydroDog’s marketing team
  3. e-Commerce solution & support from T-Rex e-Com platform
  4. Franchisee support & development from HydroDog’s Drew Brashier
  5. Direct access to HydroDog founder and CEO Anthony Amos – the key component!

What training is received by HydroDog groomers?

HydroDog Groomers complete extensive hands-on and online training at the prestigious Nash Academy, which is leading the way in dog grooming standards.  Each HydroDog Groomer completes 9 month-long online classes that provide them a wealth of knowledge on dogs and the care of dogs, and this is followed by an additional 5 weeks of hands-on training onsite at Nash Academy in Lexington, Kentucky.

How Do I get my Big Blue Dog mobile grooming salon?

As you are completing your professional grooming training at Nash Academy, we are simultaneously manufacturing your Big Blue Dog mobile grooming salon, and you will drive it home at the completion of your training.

How Can I learn more about Franchise Opportunities & begin a conversation?

Visit https://hydrodog.com/franchise/apply-now/ and fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!