Why Choose HydroDog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Franchise



HydroDog is a mobile dog washing and grooming franchise that travels right to the customer’s home. Easily recognized by its Big Blue Dog mobile grooming salons, the HydroDog franchise was a smashing success in Australia… and is now poised for explosive growth in the United States!

There are many franchise opportunities available today – why choose HydroDog? It’s simple:

  1. low cost of entry
  2. only 5 weeks of training to launch your business
  3. control your schedule
  4. be your own boss
  5. major assistance from HydroDog corporate (our 5 Pillars of Success)
  6. spend your days brightening the lives of dogs & their owners
  7. help save dogs’ lives – seriously

Each HydroDog franchise is owner operated – and each owner can purchase only one HydroDog franchise. Why? Commitment.

We expect our franchisees to be committed to caring and loving our canine friends… to be committed to working with pet owners to improve the lives of both dogs and their human family… to promote dog rescue adoption and to raise money for their local shelters… and to make their HydroDog business a success!

Why Choose HydroDog
Why Choose HydroDog - You Love Dogs!
HydroDog Franchise Opportunities

Affordable & Immediate

We keep initial franchise buy-in costs low because it takes a certain type of caring, independent individual to become a HydroDog franchisee.  We work hard to keep the cost of entry as low as possible so committed dog loving entrepreneurs can join us – and become financially independent!

Immediately upon becoming a HydroDog franchisee your own Big Blue Dog will be ordered, and you’ll be enrolled in the Hydrodog Grooming Academy. After just five weeks of intensive, hands-on training you’ll be ready to pick up your new Big Blue Dog and get started!

There are still hundreds of franchise locations available – but not for long! So contact us, “mark your territory”, and get started on a new, lucrative future!

Be Your Own Boss

Every HydroDog franchisee is the “top dog" of their business. You’ll make your own schedule. You’ll decide which local dog rescue groups to partner with on events, and you’ll be the face of HydroDog in your area.

Major Corporate Support

Through our 5 Pillars of Support, HydroDog corporate helps our franchisees succeed:

  1. Grooming & handling training and support from Hydrodog Grooming Academy
  2. Digital & traditional marketing support from HydroDog’s marketing team
  3. eCommerce solution & support from Zorzees.com platform
  4. Franchisee support & development from HydroDog’s Drew Brashier
  5. Direct access to HydroDog founder and CEO Anthony Amos – the key component!

So. You love dogs. You want to be your own boss. You’re committed to hard work and business success. You like to have fun. Congratulations! You have what it takes to be a HydroDog franchisee!

Apply now and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

Why Choose HydroDog - Happy Dogs