HydroDog introduces Jody Maple as Groomer of HydroDog West Springfield, Massachusetts

HydroDog is proud to introduce its first franchisee in America: Jody Maple of West Springfield, Massachusetts.   

The “Teska” HydroDog Franchise of West Springfield, Massachusetts has deep roots in the animal rescue community.  The HydroDog West Springfield Dog Groomer Jody and his wife Lesley have many contacts in the community pertaining to their involvement with Dakin Humane Society, other area shelters and rescues, and related organizations.  They are also the owners of a Great Pyrenees / German Shepherd mix named Stella.   

Jody’s wife, Lesley, operates Stella’s Bones, a pet services business offering pet sitting and dog walking.  Lesley has also been a volunteer at Dakin Humane Society since 2015, working with a range of dogs of different temperaments.   

Jody is no stranger to the pet world himself, and as he completes his immersive 5-week training at the prestigious  Academy, he is well-equipped to provide professional bathing and grooming services – as well as flea and tick treatments – all while working toward building a greater consciousness of the plight facing shelter dogs not only locally, but around the country.   

Jody and Lesley will be conducting many public benefit events to support shelter dogs in the area, while also participating in the promotion of other community activities in dog rescue circles.  Contact Jody to schedule a grooming appointment for your dog(s), and you can also discuss getting involved in local events in your area!   

More HydroDog franchisees will be popping up soon throughout the United States – If you are interested in starting a HydroDog franchise, provide us with your information on the HydroDog Franchise Application.   


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