HydroDog Teska’s competitive advantage

The HydroDog Teska franchise is the first HydroDog franchise of its kind in the United States and we’re eager to begin serving pups in the Southwick, Westfield, West Springfield, Russell, Montgomery, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, and Agawam areas in Massachusetts. We have a competitive advantage of superior grooming, convenience, and social awareness that sets us leagues apart. Let us explain.

When you choose HydroDog Teska, your dog will benefit from the superior grooming that is a direct result of our extensive training by Academy out of Lexington, Kentucky. We send each and every Franchise owner to an extensive five-week long HydroDog Master Grooming training where they clock over 200 hours of training associated with dog bathing, grooming, and pet care. The value of this experience is irreplaceable when it comes to the health and well-being of your dog.

You’ll see the immediate benefit of convenience when Jody Maple’s Big Blue Dog named Teska comes right to you. We offer our complete pet grooming services in this unique, self-contained unit right at your home. We know you lead a busy life and at the same time like to save on stress for your pup.

HydroDog is socially conscious and demonstrates this with our direct involvement with the Bathe To Save movement on a local level. As a local owner and operator, Jody works with local shelters several times a month to host dog bathing events where 100 percent of the proceeds go to the shelter to benefit dogs in need. Jody also washes shelter dogs to make them more approachable and more adoptable and sees great results!

It’s easy to conclude that choosing Jody and HydroDog Teska for your dog’s grooming needs is a no-brainer! Our services and our beliefs just make sense. Call 413-327-7400 for dog grooming services that come to you in Southwick, Westfield, West Springfield, Russell, Montgomery, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, and Agawam areas in Massachusetts.

Anthony Amos

Founder at HydroDog
About HydroDog

HydroDog was founded when Anthony Amos, an Australian rugby player, decided to use his downtime to start his own business. At 21 he and he founded the mobile dog grooming business. He quickly turned to franchising to meet the high demand the business experienced. Within five years of offering the business as a franchise, Hydrodog had grown to over 100 franchises across Australia. Now, the brand is expanding the revolutionary dog grooming franchise to the United States with its fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog. For more information, go to www.Hydrodog.com.
Anthony Amos


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HydroDog franchises combine financial freedom and social consciousness with a proven business model. Founder and CEO Anthony Amos first created HydroDog in his native Australia. After expanding to over 100 locations, he sold the business, and moved his family to America - to unleash HydroDog here!