Over 40 State Line Crossings by HydroDog – Photos at State Lines

The Bathe To Save Tour is well on its way toward visiting and holding public dog washing events in every state in the USA, and The Amos Family is taking photos when crossing state lines!

We have assembled these photos into a video so you can fast-forward through the tour along with the family… Of course, the best way to experience Bathe To Save is to come to a dog-washing event, and also be sure to tell your friends!
Rest assured: The Dogs thank you for making this awesome tour possible – and everyone gets to have fun in the process! We’ll see you at the next event in your area!

Anthony Amos

Founder at HydroDog
About HydroDog

HydroDog was founded when Anthony Amos, an Australian rugby player, decided to use his downtime to start his own business. At 21 he and he founded the mobile dog grooming business. He quickly turned to franchising to meet the high demand the business experienced. Within five years of offering the business as a franchise, Hydrodog had grown to over 100 franchises across Australia. Now, the brand is expanding the revolutionary dog grooming franchise to the United States with its fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog. For more information, go to www.Hydrodog.com.
Anthony Amos


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