HydroDog’s Big Blue Dog mobile grooming salons come to you!  Simply enter your Zip Code to find the HydroDog groomer nearest you. Not only will your "best friend" look and feel its best, you'll be helping save rescue dogs too!



Tour & Events throughout the USA

As seen on Animal Planet’s Furever Home! – Learn how HydroDog Groomers and Area Representatives throughout the USA are extending the legacy of the Amos family’s Bathe To Save national tour by conducting public dog-washing events that benefit dogs in local shelters!


Get Your Own Big Blue Dog!

HydroDog Groomers are owner-operators of their own franchises. We’re growing throughout the United States! Groomers benefit from our 5 pillars of support, including extensive marketing and training! Apply now to learn more about Franchise Opportunities in your area!


HydroDog Franchisees regularly conduct Bathe To Save Events to benefit local shelters, building on the legacy of the Bathe To Save Tour, in which HydroDog Founder Anthony Amos and his family tour around the United States to wash dogs and raise shelter donations.

Why Choose HydroDog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Franchise

HydroDog Groomers are bringing Big Blue Dog grooming vans to every state and region in the USA! Simply enter your zip code to request for the nearest HydroDog to visit you and your dog!

About Hydrodog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Services

HydroDog’s professionally-trained groomers provide washing, clipping, grooming, flea and tick services, and we come to you with our Big Blue Dog mobile salons!  We offer a full-service wash and breed-specific grooming that includes eye, nail, and ear care for your dog.  We make it easy and convenient to keep your best friend happy and healthy!

Why Choose HydroDog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Franchise

Are you interested in owning your own business, setting your own schedule, and making a career of improving the lives of dogs and their families? Then look into owning a HydroDog franchise! HydroDog combines financial freedom and social consciousness with a proven entrepreneurial approach with a low cost of entry and strong support structure. 

Nash Academy

HydroDog Groomers are all trained at Nash Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. Nash Academy is leading the charge for high standards in dog grooming. Our groomers spend months with Nash before they go out in the field, learning all about dogs and their proper care and treatment.

About Hydrodog - Mobile Dog-Grooming Services

The HydroDog family is growing! HydroDog’s experienced corporate team combines proven systems with top-notch training, quality products, and a boundless social conscience aspect that is all about the love of dogs!



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About HydroDog Mobile Dog-Grooming Services

HydroDog Franchise Discovery Day – 6pm Friday, June 15th – Hannibal, Missouri

June 8, 2018

HydroDog will be having a Franchise Discovery Day at 6pm on Friday, June 15th in Hannibal, Missouri. The event will be in the conference room…

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